February 5, 2007


With the start of 007, I'd like to try my hand at blogging.
My plan is to post a stellar selection of strange Vermont stories like the ones I've been collecting in books since 1992. I'll also show you pictures and post notes on new investigations.
I hope readers will add their own stories. With luck we can initiate some fascinating discussions and compile a worthy archive of Weird Vermontiana.
Here we'll focus on anything curious or offbeat, mysterious or wondrous, as long as it has to do with Vermont (but no great New England tales will be ignored or deleted!).
Historical eccentricities.
Ghost stories.
Treasure tales.
Monsters and maniacs. It's open season on all of them.
Although I have no regular publication schedule at this point, please check back from time to time until we get a rhythm going. And be sure to let me know you've visited. If you wish, leave a strange-but-(maybe)-true tale that will knock me out of my Reeboks!
Even if you just know a fragment of a story, it is likely someone else can ad to it or fill in the rest.
The goal, ultimately, will be to make a massive off-beat contribution to the Vermont archive.
I'll give it a whirl if you will.
--Joe Citro