April 7, 2010


I was delighted to hear in a recent email that my disclosure about
Sidehill Cronchers
inspired some intrepid souls to go out monster hunting. If enough adventurers take up the challenge, it won't be long before we have these crypto-critters in the can!

For example:

Hi Mr. Citro,

I am a school librarian and a parent of two boys who are fans of your books. My 9 year old, after reading The Vermont Monster Guide, informed me that he wanted to spend his April break searching for some of the monsters in the book. I wanted to let you know that we traveled to the Chateauguy Wilderness near Bridgewater to look for the most elusive Sidehill Cronchers! Before you say or think another word, attached are photos of what we found. After some exhausting hikes up some very steep hills and logging paths, we determined that it was a Croncher-free day. We did spot some unusual placements of beer cans in trees (not sure what creatures are responsible for them).

Those photos are attached.

We also came upon what looked like a bedding-down spot for a creature, and we took some hair from that spot (photo also attached, and note the supernatural orb that resulted from the flash!).

We spooked ourselves pretty well when we saw all the hair, because it is long and coarse, much like boar hair, and we figured since it was white and dark gray it could be a really old Croncher. With time and reflection, I am now assuming it is skunk hair, and with that in mind, I think we made a very close escape!

Thanks for all of your stories and books and I'll let you know if we find anything else to report.

Your fellow monster hunters,

Kelly and Henry Ahlfeld

My April 2010 Medal for Bravery goes to this fearless pair.