April 21, 2010


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Lots of fun feedback on my last public radio rant.

For example, here's one from Phil Keyes (Brandon, VT)

"Really enjoyed Joe Citro's recent commentary about animals in Vermont with 2 legs longer than the others, so they could stand up on the steep hills of the green mountains.

"My brother confirms the existence of these creatures, but called them by a different name, Wampahoofuses. He was a hut caretaker on Mount Mansfield, and told me all about them!"

Somehow I get the feeling I didn't fool anyone with my April Fools Day antics.

But it's clear Mr. Keyes is not easily fooled.

He adds, "I have spent a good chunk of time on and around Mount Independence in Orwell, VT and can report that [Champ] does not appear to live there, although a few logs have surfaced from the bridge built in 1777, now and then that might give the impression of being [Champ]."

CRONCHER illustrations by Stephen R. Bissette from The Vermont Monster Guide.