April 21, 2010


Lots of fun feedback on my last public radio rant.

For example, here's one from Phil Keyes (Brandon, VT)

"Really enjoyed Joe Citro's recent commentary about animals in Vermont with 2 legs longer than the others, so they could stand up on the steep hills of the green mountains.

"My brother confirms the existence of these creatures, but called them by a different name, Wampahoofuses. He was a hut caretaker on Mount Mansfield, and told me all about them!"

Somehow I get the feeling I didn't fool anyone with my April Fools Day antics.

But it's clear Mr. Keyes is not easily fooled.

He adds, "I have spent a good chunk of time on and around Mount Independence in Orwell, VT and can report that [Champ] does not appear to live there, although a few logs have surfaced from the bridge built in 1777, now and then that might give the impression of being [Champ]."

CRONCHER illustrations by Stephen R. Bissette from The Vermont Monster Guide.