April 22, 2010


The elusive Sidehill Croncher (Crevida Scrofa) is known by many names. In other parts of Vermont they are called Sidehill Gougers, Rooters, and, of course, Wampahoofuses (Wampahoofi?) .

The Wampahoofus Trail above Butler Lodge near the Forehead of Mt. Mansfield was so named by Professor Roy Buchanan because of a rock formation that looks like the profile of a Wampahoofus.

Ben Nappi of Milton throws a healthy bit of skepticism into the discussion by calling the animal's entire existence into question. He writes, "My English teacher, Mr. Butts, used to call one of these creatures a Sidey Hill Wampus. If he made a point in class and someone said, "Yeah, but--" he would say "There's no such thing as a 'Yeah But. It ranks right up there with a Sidey Hill Wampus and a Ooch-Ooch Bird'."

Hmmmm. Looks like we better start doing some bird-watching.