January 6, 2011


2011 !
This is an effort to predict what 2011 may hold in store.
I've never been one for prognostications; life is far too chaotic and random, while free will and free choice continue to strike me as illusions. But that said, I have some plans and opportunities lined up.
I'll keep updating this blog and Facebook, so we'll see what falls into place. Let's also test the degree that I'm able to dodge the slings and arrows that the universe insists upon hurling at all of us.

First off, I have two (2 !) stories under film option. Though I have little influence or control over these projects, all signals are good as we slide into 2011.
Admittedly I've been through the "movie dance" before. Skipping the tedious detail, let me just say that so far none of my fiction has ever made it to the screen.
All that's about to change. I'm optimistic. Both are Vermont production companies. Both are staffed with brilliant and energetic young people who know exactly what they are doing. They also seem quite invested in the material.
The first in my story, SOUL KEEPER, which appears in my book NOT YET DEAD.
You can get a taste of the film here: http://www.vimeo.com/18139813
Funding is in place for this project and the company, Production Films, will begin casting this weekend (1/8).
The second project is an adaptation of my novel LAKE MONSTERS. The working title is "The Islanders", which, frankly, seems to set the wrong tone. It conjures pina coladas and girls in hula skirts. If a title change is necessary, there is still plenty of time to come up with a perfect one. A bit of the movie -- a sort of preview/teaser -- has been filmed and is going through a final edit as we enter the new year. I'll post it when it's ready. Meanwhile, here are some photos of some on the set stuff.

1. New Book
The only writing project I have planned right now is another compilation of Vermont stories along the lines of and GREEN MOUNTAIN GHOSTS GHOULS & UNSOLVED MYSTERIES and GREEN MOUNTAINS, DARK TALES. In other words, more weird stories. If all works out, I will issue it as a limited edition collector's book that I will sell at readings and Add Imagelectures.
That's what I did with NOT YET DEAD. It went through two printings and is now sold out!
I may be a bit more ambitions with this new book, selling it in a few stores and listing it on Amazon.
Then, like NOT YET DEAD, I will try to post it as an e-book and continue my (so far) feeble attempt at escaping the trap of paper-and-ink publishing.

2. Steve Bissette
My pal Steve Bissette and I have been cooking up another project to do together. Too soon to post details, but It will be along the lines of our earlier books, VERMONT GHOST GUIDE and VERMONT MONSTER GUIDE.

3. More Illustrations
And my last project for 2011 is also too undeveloped to announce. It will involve a number of people who don't yet know they'll be involved. So maybe the best thing to say right now is nothing at all.

I hope to continue my commentary series on public radio and will continue to do readings, lectures, and school visits. When and where? I'll get word out on Facebook.
My "Spiritualism in Vermont" lecture, via The Vermont Humanities Council, is still getting booked from time to time in libraries and historical societies. Since my interest in Spiritualism is ongoing, I enjoy making changes and upgrades and inserting new pictures. The next presentation will be in Tunbridge on January 14 at 7:00 pm.
And so it goes . . .