February 28, 2011

SOUL KEEPER -- My vision of Hell

Yesterday I went to Shelburne to see my story Soul Keeper become a movie. It was an amazing process to watch. When I wrote the tale, it took, maybe, a week -- two at the most -- working in solitude. The story is ink on paper; the movie is magnificent. It has involved months of planning and a crew of a couple dozen very talented people, working around a single idea: the screenplay.

As I watched director Tim Joy with the actors, technicians, and other support people I realized I could never do this!

Lead actor Andy Butterfield was enduring more pain and inconvenience than I ever did when I brought my version of the story to life.

As I watched the magic on the set I realized I have no place here. The cloistered process of writing is nothing like the collaborative creation of the filmmakers.

One often hears discussions like, "Which was better, the book or the movie?" My vote is that the movie wins hands down. And I haven't even seen it yet!

You can watch the teaser at http://www.vimeo.com/18139813

Here are a few more shots from the shoot. And there will be more to come!