August 16, 2011


We interrupt this series of blog posts with an important commercial message. The new ebook publication of my novel LAKES MONSTERS has just hit the virtual stands.

It is now available from Crossroad Press and soon will be available everywhere ebooks are downloaded. Oh, and the price is right, too!

Get the jump on this by ordering directly from the publisher


And yes, this is the book that is now being developed into a movie.

In fact, there is really no downside to this, except that I can't do booksignings.

...And now back to our regular blogging . . .

August 15, 2011


Today I want to continue my experiment in multimedia by showing some of the pictures and photographs that might have appeared in VERMONT'S HAUNTS, had VERMONT'S HAUNTS contained illustrations.

We are still on the 3rd division of the book, the one called ODDBALLS & ODDITIES.

In the previous blog post we covered (1.) Brookline's Man of Mystery and (2.) The Man Who Played Detective.

But a few ODDBALLS & ODDITIES remain:

-The Perfect Vermonter
-The Man and the Moon
-Shooting the Bull
-The New England Fat Men's Club.

So let us continue . . .


We all know that anyone seeking perfection would eventuality end up in Vermont. But Divinely Sanctioned Perfection? For that you would have to go to Putney.Here's the dude that started it all.
As one looks at John Humphrey Noyes, probably the first thought that leaps to mind wouldn't be "perfect".

But it was a religious thing. God thought John was perfect. Or at least John thought that God thought that John was perfect. So, essentially, he believed he could do anything he wanted, but it would be God's rather than his will at work.

So he could have the women of his choice (or was that God's choice?)
Hmmm. She doesn't look perfect either, but I guess God knew what he was doing. Perhaps she was John's "inspiration"!

Anyway, John started a religious commune where everybody was married to everybody else. I guess variety and confusion were both God's will. (And with a name like "No Yes" you can see how indecision and confusion might be a part of the head man's makeup.)

John came up with a system of training the young 'uns in sexual activity. For "women of a certain age", young men's accidents were inconsequential. For older men training younger women, it was a matter of knowing when to quit.

Alas, to the non-perfect townsfolk of Putney, it was all an abomination, so John and his commune lit out for New York State where things just kept getting stranger and stranger. There they pioneered such things as "group therapy" and "genetics manipulation", and that's just for starters.

But it was all done in the name of God, so I guess it was okay.


Bellows Falls, Vermont is known for colorful characters, but usually the list begins and ends with Hettie Green.

But the so-called Witch of Wall Street is not on the top of my personal list of NFEs (Bellows Falls Eccentrics).

Here's my guy. Or at least he's one of these three. See if you can pick him out of the lineup.

Answer next time when ODDBALLS & CONTINUES with. . .