March 13, 2011

SOUL KEEPER - A Peek into the Future

Still having a wonderful time keeping track of the progress of SOUL KEEPER, the movie.

Just for fun, here are a few more pictures from my visit to the set.

(The following images are by Stefan Botchev, unless otherwise noted.)

It all began when Michael Fisher handed the short story to the filmmakers.

(The Sainted Michael Fisher.)

Then followed a big production meeting.

FADE IN: Carl is looking for a little change of scene. Big mistake.

(Then again, you can't blame him.) But there are forces keeping an eye on him.

"Men in Black," perhaps? Will he encounter heroes? Villains? Angels?


A look behind the scenes. . .

But what's going on with Carl?

He's in his new digs, but that might not be an improvement.

And he's not planning on leaving.

All may be well, but Carl's a little edgy.