July 24, 2011

This is the second installment of pictures chosen to illustrate my newest book, VERMONT'S HAUNTS.

The first section, The Journey Begins, has already been posted.

Now for section 2, called Ghostly Ghettos. These are places where ghosts are said to gather.

Ghostly Ghettos is divided into 3 chapters: (1.) Dead at Dartmouth, (2.) Secrets of Saint Michael's, and (3.) Weird Woodstock

Here are some pictures to illustrate those chapters. First . . .

Chapter 1, Dead at Dartmouth

The "official word" is that there are no ghosts at Dartmouth. I'm not so sure about that.
Maybe they're all hiding here:

Jeez, what is that place, anyhow?

Fact is, I found a lot of weird stuff all over campus. Perhaps the weirdest was concealed in a secret room in the basement of this building:

I'm talking about the so-called "Tomb Room". What do you suppose went on in this hidden and secret place?

Weird, eh? Maybe they don't need ghosts when they have secrets like this.

Okay, now on to Chapter 2, The Secrets of Saint Michael's . . .

A nice Catholic school. Ghosts aplenty, spirits, and more!
When I saw the leaning cross I should have known there was trouble afoot.

In addition to their ghosts and holy spirits, it is said an exorcism took place here. I went up to explore the site.

It was hard to find evidence in that spooky attic.

But from up there I could make out arcane patterns.

Mystical design should mean something, right?

John Coon introduced me to the school's most famous ghost.

That's John, not the ghost. The ghost is in the theater behind him.

There are lots more secrets of Saint Michael's, including a severed arm, a curse, and things that are better left unsaid.

So let's move along to

Chapter 3. Weird Woodstock

(home of two of Vermont's several vampires).

Houses near the bridge are said to be haunted, but what about the bridge itself? Does it cross over to another time? Probably not; it was build in 1969.

The Windsor County Court House exhibits so much paranormal activity . . .

. . . that a sitting judge's verdict was, "Ghosts."

Even the local historical society has historical ghosts.

It's a bit unusual to find a haunted store.

But I guess a general store should have everything.

I supposed it is not unusual for cemeteries to have resident spirits. But Woodstock has something weirder: a cemetery that appears and vanishes, like some deathly Brigadoon.

See it for yourself. Or not.

NEXT TIME: Oddballs and Oddities.