July 27, 2011


The third division of VERMONT'S HAUNTS is called "Oddballs & Oddities".

It begins like this:

"Some people say you can define Vermont by the character of its people. In this section we’ll define Vermont by its characters, people who live a little outside the constraints of normality. Some might call them kooks, eccentrics, oddballs, or worse. Here in Vermont we just call them neighbors."

The division is broken down into 6 chapters, as follows:

1. Brookline’s Man of Mystery

2. The Man Who Played Detective

3. The Perfect Vermonter

4. The Man and the Moon

5. Shooting the Bull

6. The New England Fat Men’s Club

Today I'll post pictures that go with the first two chapters.

Brookline’s Man of Mystery

Brookline, Vermont is a pretty small place. It is a little difficult to find, even if you know approximately where to find it.Interesting that one of Vermont's architectural oddities should be located there.

Guess which one it is:

Hint: It's the one that looks like a sunken silo.

Its architect was something of an oddity, too.

Question: was he . . .

(A.) the local physician

(B.) the schoolteacher

(C.) someone far weirder

(D.) All of the above

See if you can pick him out of a lineup.

Well, no matter. The big questions are, Who was he? What did he do?

And why is he listed in "Oddballs & Oddities"

While we're pondering those questions, maybe we can get some assistance in Chapter 2:

The Man Who Played Detective

For almost 20 year this town was plagued by a phantom. His crimes could not be stopped.

Here are the scenes of some of those crimes:

When he was in church no one recognized him.

Eventually his escapades led him here:

Here . . .

And ultimately here:

The end?

Not at all.

Then the REAL WEIRDNESS began!

Next time: The Perfect Vermonter