August 23, 2012

H.P. Lovecraft's View of Kingsport

   When I visited Kingsport, I wanted to see if the stuff H.P. Lovecraft said about St. Michael's Church were true. 

  He had set my curiosity spinning in The Festival, and I wanted to see for myself. A strange story unfolded in which I got answers to several questions: Yes, Kingsport is Marblehead. 

  Yes, there is a crypt under the church.
   Yes, there is something very odd about the bodies buried there.

  At some point I will tell the whole story, but for now, here are three views of a single photo of the town, taken from the top of St. Michaels' Church.

Now we move a little farther into fantasy...

And farther still...
What could be going on behind that window?